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A C++ API for CUPS

wmlcups a C++ API for CUPS

wmlcups is a C++ API for CUPS, making it much easier to use the C API provided with CUPS in your C++ programs. With wmlcups it takes fewer lines of code to create jobs, query jobs and modify your queues.

We use wmlcups extensively in our own document management and print management software.

wmlcups depends on futil and on cups itself, both of which must be compiled and installed before wmlcups will compile.

Initially, we are publishing wmlcups on, but we may move it to our own servers.

See to download a copy of the code.

wmlcups documentation will be maintained at (this is also available after building the module).

Press Release

wmlcups was announced for the 5th OpenPrinting Summit, at the Hotel Kabuki, San Francisco, CA:

The wmlcups press release.