Digital Document Solutions

Print Output Module for CDL

Would you like more control over your CDL printing?

DataGateway is offered with a CDL module, enabling output from Cheshire Datasystems Limited's insurance sales software to be printed on generic print equipment, and providing a facility for reprints and document content control on your CDL documents.

The WML CDL module accepts Prescribe or PDF input batches from the CDL system, automatically detects document boundaries and outputs individual documents to the document content control system. Documents which pass document control are sent to the print equipment; those which fail for any reason (e.g for being incomplete, or for containing unacceptable text) are held back for review by fulfilment staff.

Classic, CEDS or Strata

DataGateway can process documents from CDL Classic, CDL CEDS and from CDL Strata, enabling you to handle your document delivery with a common system for multiple CDL back-ends.


For more information about Cheshire Datasystems Ltd document printing with DataGateway, please contact Mark Brown on 01427 753653.