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WML Services for print centralisation and integrated electronic delivery

WML Digital Document Services

Helping you reap the benefits of print centralisation and integrated electronic delivery

The Sheffield super tram, travelling through Ponds Forge.

Sheffield supertram, en-route through Ponds Forge

WML are specialists in developing and implementing digital solutions for the creation, control and delivery of complex documents.

Our core solutions have been developed specifically to achieve centralised print and electronic document delivery and we work closely with our customers to tailor each implementation to exactly suit the needs of their business.

We help companies through the following steps:

Project lifecycle schematic


Identify current print methodology, applications, sites and document data processes


Establish customer requirements and target organisation-specific issues


Create customer-specific configuration, actions and workflows


Transition to a centralised solution, with integrated electronic delivery if required

At all stages, we are tightly focused on creating a robust, tailored implementation that solves our customer’s document output problems.


Print outsourcing has led to the whole document production process being automated and is considerable more reliable and less labour intensive. We have also saved at least 30% on document production and fulfilment.

I have always found WML to be very helpful and responsive, providing assistance, explanation and advice when required, and feel that we have a good working relationship.

To discuss how WML’s document automation platform could benefit your business, please contact us.