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DataGateway: Secure network print, distributed white paper digital print, variable data and transactional printing solution with real-time document quality control.

WML DataGateway

The complete output management solution for document content control, print centralisation and electronic delivery

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DataGateway is WML's document automation platform. It integrates with your back-office applications and provides all the key features necessary for a complete document delivery solution for print-and-mail, SMS, email or web portal.

The solution is ideal for insurance and other financial institutions and integrates seamlessly with back office systems from CDL (Prescribe® or CEDS) and SSP. DataGateway can be tailored to provide exactly the functionality your business requires.

DataGateway highlights

Fully automated white paper digital printing and electronic document solution – giving you full control of the entire document production process:

  • Create, edit and view your own form templates with PdfPlus, our easy-to-use browser-based editor. Documents can be output electronically or to print on white paper or letterhead. Learn more about PdfPlus.
  • Merge PDF forms with overlay data before the printer, so you have the option to print and mail OR deliver electronically, as well as being able to archive your documents in a viewable format.
  • Automatically check document content and prevent errors. DataGateway’s powerful Document Content Control module allows you to set rules for real time document validation. Learn more about Document Content Control.
  • Prevent the delivery of incomplete documents. Real time Document Collation uses our sophisticated page collation process to analyse input data streams based on simple user defined rules. This ensures that all necessary documents (even from mixed data types) are printed together and prevents documents from being produced until all the required elements are in place.
  • Ensure timely document delivery. DataGateway can print in real time instead of batch processing, speeding up production. Detailed tracking information, including out for mail barcoding, allows individual documents to be traced to their destination.

Secure electronic delivery with audit trail and fall back to print and mail. Learn more about implementing electronic delivery.

Full audit trail and detailed management information. Create management reports from any of the information contained in your documents. Use feedback of faulty documents to sales and customer service staff to measure and improve document quality.

Secure and scalable – DataGateway is ideal for consolidating, centralising or outsourcing print operations whilst maintaining control of documents. Email alerts and automated failover can be figured to ensure continuous production.

For additional details, please download the DataGateway product brochure.

Technical information

DataGateway operates in Windows, Linux and Unix environments. It can be server or appliance based, or installed as a virtual machine using VMware or Linux KVM.

DataGateway supports data input from PDF, PostScript, XML, CSV, Jetforms, Prescribe and text. Input data can be transferred to any printer in the wide area network, a local desktop printer, MFD or centralised remote production facility.

Please download the DataGateway product data sheet for more information.

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Download the WML DataGateway datasheet (pdf).