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Browse Screenshots of the WML PrePrint Web User Interface

PrePrint Screenshots

Browse screenshots of the user interface for monitoring and configuring the WML PrePrint appliance.
  • Queue List - all your print queues at a glance, with real-time activity monitoring
  • Queue Configuration - Full control over each queue
  • Jobs - a list of recently printed and currently processing jobs
  • Platform Settings - System-wide print-specific configuration
  • File Manager - Access to user-uploaded and system-generated files
  • System Settings - network appliance setup
    • Network - Basic network settings
    • Time - Manually set time or use NTP
    • Location - Used to determine daylight savings corrections
    • System Log - Send system log to a syslog server
    • Email - Configure SMTP server for queue monitoring alerts
    • Licences - Enter WML Licence key
    • Password - Change the system passwords
    • Settings - Save selected system settings
    • Firmware - Upgrade firmware or revert to last firmware
    • Status/Control - View system status, shut down or reboot