wml::CupsJob Class Reference

#include <CupsJob.h>

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Public Member Functions

 CupsJob (std::string jobName)
 CupsJob (int jobId)
 CupsJob (int jobId, std::string jobName)
void reset (void)
void setId (int i)
int getId (void)
void setCopies (int i)
int getCopies (void)
void setName (std::string s)
std::string getName (void)
void setUser (std::string s)
std::string getUser (void)
void setSizeKB (unsigned int i)
unsigned int getSizeKB (void)
std::string getSizeString (void)
void setCupsPages (unsigned int i)
unsigned int getCupsPages (void)
void setPrinterUri (std::string s)
std::string getPrinterUri (void)
void setState (ipp_jstate_t jstate)
std::string getState (void)
void setCreationTime (int t)
int getCreationTime (void)
void setProcessingTime (int t)
int getProcessingTime (void)
void setCompletedTime (int t)
int getCompletedTime (void)
int getTime (void)
std::string getFormattedTime (void)
void setSourceIP (std::string ip)
std::string getSourceIP (void)
void setDestIP (std::string ip)
std::string getDestIP (void)

Detailed Description

Collection of status information for a Job, plus some job control code.

Definition at line 28 of file CupsJob.h.

Member Function Documentation

void wml::CupsJob::reset ( void   ) 

Reset all the attributes of this CupsJob object to defaults.

void wml::CupsJob::setId ( int  i  ) 

Simple accessors

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