wml::IppAttr Class Reference

#include <IppAttr.h>

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Public Member Functions

 IppAttr (const char *attributeName)
void zero (void)
std::string getName (void)
void setName (std::string s)
ipp_tag_t getType (void)
ipp_tag_t getGroup (void)
std::string getString (void)
int getInt (void)
void setValue (std::string s)
void setValue (const char *c)
void setValue (int i)

Detailed Description

An IPP Attribute. Has name, type, value.

Contains an IPP attribute used in transferring print data over a network

Note: I'm not planning on including a method which knows how to query the cupsd to fill the value. This is because we may write methods in WmlCups which fill 10 IppAttr objects with a single connection to the cupsd.

Definition at line 259 of file IppAttr.h.

Member Function Documentation

ipp_tag_t wml::IppAttr::getGroup ( void   ) 

Return the group tag of this attribute.

int wml::IppAttr::getInt ( void   ) 

Get the integer value of this IPP attribute, if applicable.

std::string wml::IppAttr::getName ( void   ) 

Return the name of this attribute.

std::string wml::IppAttr::getString ( void   ) 

Get the string value of this IPP attribute, if applicable.

ipp_tag_t wml::IppAttr::getType ( void   ) 

Return the type tag of this attribute. In cups (i.e in _ipp_option_t) this is really called the "value_tag"

void wml::IppAttr::setName ( std::string  s  ) 

Set the attribute name to s.

void wml::IppAttr::setValue ( int  i  ) 

Set the integer value to i.

void wml::IppAttr::setValue ( const char *  c  ) 

Set stringValue to string pointed at by c.

void wml::IppAttr::setValue ( std::string  s  ) 

Set the stringValue to s.

void wml::IppAttr::zero ( void   ) 

Zero out any stored values.

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