WML DataGateway ViewPoint

Secure User Interface to allow users to have sight of documents they are authorised to see - Perfect for a broker or Departmental environment

WML DataGateway ViewPoint is a secure user login interface that integrates into the DataGateway resources and document work flow to allow users to only have sight of documents they are authorised to see.

The ViewPoint software resides in its own VMware environment which is totally secure and standalone from the main DataGateway document workflow. The solution is ideal for a broker or departmental environment.

All documents pass through the main DataGateway workflow and are processed as normal, using template manager, Document Content Control, Profile conditioning and finally delivered via email electronic delivery, SMS and Print. The configuration and functionality of DataGateway remain unchanged with the exception that a user tag or reference is added to each document that is to be viewed from ViewPoint. These tags or references can be included either via hidden document tags or can be included within the body text of the document.

Key Features of DataGateway ViewPoint

Document quality control with WML Document Content Control (DCC)

Document Content Control can apply a range of DCC actions to check and augment your documents. The plugin architecture of the DCC action code allows customised actions to be quickly developed.

Document sorting with DCC Sort Actions

Another plugin-style feature of Document Content Control, DCC Sort Actions can post-sort your daily document output prior to printing.

Management information

DCC uses the document's content to identify page and document types. It collects information from the document page content into the DCC database. Reports can be generated for held and output documents. Daily spreadsheet reports are available as well as direct, read access to the on-board SQL database for customised reporting.

Document outsourcing

Secure encrypted and compressed delivery of documents in real-time to a digital print facility of your choice.

Benefits of a DataGateway ViewPoint

Create User Groups

These users will only be able to have sight of and perform actions on documents that have relevance to their group.

Document Confidentiality

Make sure only authorised staff members have sight of certain types of data.

Call centre service

Feedback of faulty documents to sales and customer service staff provides a metric to gauge service improvements.

Document compliance

Reduce the risk of incurring regulatory fines or of losing future legal action due to the delivery of faulty documents. Take advantage of version controlled letter and document template publication to control and record exactly which versions of documents are released to customers.

Document Audit Trails confirm document download

Regulatory compliance

Avoid regulatory fines due to late delivery. Document Audit trails confirm document download by customer.

Management information

Create management reports from any of the information contained in your documents.

Electronic delivery

Reduce delivery costs by transitioning to electronic delivery, whilst retaining the ability to fall back to print and mail