WML (William Matthew Ltd) provides unique document conditioning software to allow corporate users to securely outsource their document production. WML’s DataGateway software will convert a multitude of different document types into a single, standard format suitable for internal printing, secure outsource to a print fulfilment house or electronic delivery.

Our Solutions


DataGateway – Complete variable document management for outsource, print centralisation and electronic delivery

DataGateway is a robust, scalable software solution that is purpose-designed for organisations producing complex documents with a high level of variability. DataGateway is used by leading brands in insurance and retail and is an ideal solution for users of systems from Cheshire DataSystems (CDL) and SSP

Because all document processing is carried out behind the user's firewall, the customer retains complete control of the document format without buying into the proprietary procedures of a prospective outsource partner. DataGateway is the ideal solution for companies operating a call centre environment in which the document author has no sight of the printed document: Standard business rules and overlays can be applied to each data stream, allowing non-conforming documents to be held for review before printing.


DataGateway ViewPoint - Secure User Interface to allow users to have sight of documents they are authorised to see - Perfect for a broker or Departmental environment

WML DataGateway ViewPoint is a secure user login interface that integrates into the DataGateway resources and document work flow to allow users to only have sight of documents they are authorised to see. The ViewPoint software resides in its own VMware environment which is totally secure and standalone from the main DataGateway document workflow. The solution is ideal for a broker or departmental environment.


PDFPlus – Standalone solution to Create and manage native PDFs for both print and electronic output, making it easy to move to electronic delivery

PdfPlus is designed to allow users to choose document formats and design and edit templates within an easy-to-use, browser-based interface. By merging PDF forms with overlay data before the printer, it provides the option to print and mail or deliver electronically, as well as being able to archive your documents in a viewable format.

Release your staff from their desks by adding the optional Secure Forms module to enable all the benefits of PdfPlus on a tablet interface.

PrePrint – Standalone Kyocera Prescribe® print emulation and conversion, to output to any printer using industry standard formats

PrePrint allows you to break free from the restraints of legacy printers by providing a simple and straightforward way to convert Prescribe documents to a variety of formats.

Document Content Control Module – Real time document analysis ensures that only error-free documents are processed and not held as exceptions

Document Content Control uses a web-based editor to configure sophisticated rules for validating document content. It enables organisations to cut waste, improve customer service and ensure regulatory and document compliance within your organisation.

Electronic Document Delivery – Enable secure tracked electronic document delivery to reduce costs and improve customer service and satisfaction

WML’s Electronic Document Delivery solution allows you to transition existing print and mail to secure electronic delivery without disrupting your existing print application. Sensitive documents are delivered to your customers in PDF format via email, SMS and the web, with electronically registered delivery and automatic fall-back to the postal service.

In addition to supplying our complete document automation platform and document output and delivery solutions, WML the uk’s premier partner for NoMachine software.


NoMachine - High Performance Desktop Virtualisation and Remote Access

NoMachine is a proven hosted desktop and remote access solution that helps you consolidate and deliver all your desktops and applications, whether physical, virtual or "in the cloud". NoMachine products radically simplify remote connectivity for both consumers and businesses, delivering applications and desktops to any user, over any network. The software's award-winning performance and enterprise-class management tools make it a complete remote access and hosted desktop solution for any organisation.

WML is a certified NoMachine partner and can provide NX subscriptions and local UK support contracts tailored to your company's exact requirements.


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WML: Specialists in document automation

WML are experts in digital solutions for the creation and control of complex documents such as legal contracts and financing agreements. We help insurance, financial and retail businesses with their document automation needs.

WML's offices are situated close to Sheffield Hallam University

WML was established in 2001 as a software development company specialising in platforms for print centralisation for the insurance industry. Since then, we have developed our solutions in response to the needs of our customers, expanding our offering to address document content control, electronic delivery, compliance, quality assurance and the requirement for management information.

Our solutions are now used by some of the major insurance companies in the UK and have been adopted by other sectors including retail and government.

Based in Sheffield, WML provides solutions and services to customers across the UK and internationally.


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