Climate and Weather Research



Approximately 250 UK users were using NoMachine Free in order to Connect to remote sessions. A plan was created to centralise all remote access using NoMachine Enterprise Solutions to UK based local users and Remote partner organisations


The access method will be available to UK based staff and users from external partner organisations.

Computing systems are used by 300 to 400 UK based staff and approximately 3500 members of partner organisations who access the systems from remote locations.

Weather Prediction computaiton included code writing,compiling and data processing. TurboVNC was used previously for Visualisation and to run graphical batch process management tools.


Each datacenter server would run Terminal Server nodes and Access would be granted through Enterprise terminal server within the DMZ, These Load balanced Nodes provide a stable connection to all users, Locally or remotely.

Enterprise Terminal Server OpenGL support catered for an all-in-one solution for remote acccess, Load balanced virtual desktops and high performance graphics.